ChildSense Presentations

For Educators

ChildSense offers a variety of seminars and presentations designed to help educators succeed in the classroom. These on-site sessions are great for staff development, district meetings or any type of educator conference.

  • More Time to Teach: Responding to Behavior
  • Building Community in a Challenging Classroom
  • Styles of Communication: Teaching Self Discipline
  • Working with Challenging Parents
  • Managing Conflict with Students
  • Offering Choices
  • Discipline for Building Classroom Community: A graduate Course for Educators
Parent helping child with homework

For Parents

Parenting is a hard job. But having the right tools to help address tough issues can help parents succeed, too. ChildSense offers seminars and presentations that address such topics as setting boundaries, sibling rivalry and building your child’s self-esteem. These on-site sessions are perfect for parent groups, schools, churches or other community organizations.

  • Praise: A New Approach
  • Setting Limits and Boundaries: Saying No to Your Kids
  • Sibling Rivalry: Brothers and Sisters Getting Along
  • Stress of Parenting: Balancing a Busy Life
  • Respect and Responsibility: Promoting Moral Development
  • Self-Esteem: A Quiet Sense of Pride

For more information on presentations, contact ChildSense or call 651-353-4959.