"Before More Time to Teach, my responses to student behavior were often more disruptive than theirs."
- 12th grade teacher
"After learning and implementing these skills, I'm now rethinking my retirement plans."
- 3rd grade teacher
“I have learned so many new ideas to help me with my parenting.”
- Parent of 8 year old, 11 year old, and 16 year old
"By using More Time to Teach, I have noticed that the daily number of disruptions has gone down considerably."
- 8th grade teacher
The ideas are very helpful for those of us seeking concrete and practical methods.
- H.S. math teacher
"The materials offered by Jon Halpern and Jeff Fink are excellent. This clearly meets a need for parents. “Thank you for the profound impact you have had on my teaching.”
- 8th and 9th Grade English teacher
“I truly believe this was the most valuable workshop I have ever taken.”
- 10th and 11th Spanish teacher
"My teaching time has really increased and I enjoy teaching more than ever."
- 3rd Grade teacher
“Thank you for the profound impact you have had on my teaching.”
- 9th Grade teacher
"I find I am nagging my children a lot less and enjoying parenting much more than before."
- Parent of 9 year old and 12 year old
"The information is well organized and sensitively presented."
- 1st grade teacher
"I appreciated how specific hints and techniques are discussed."
- Middle school physical education teacher
“The teachers in my school experienced a forty percent decrease in classroom disruptions after practicing these skills for five weeks.”
- Elementary Principal
"I have developed a clearer understanding of the factors that influence the building of our children's self esteem."
- Parent of 3 and 5 year old